12 Ways to Balance Motherhood, Work, and Life (Part 2)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to balance a career, a family and your household, check out Mighty Mommy’s 12 practical tips that can help you balance your busy life without as much stress.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #207

In Part 1 of this series, I introduced 6 practical tips to help busy moms juggle motherhood, health, and home.  I urge you to check out the first 6 tips which include some great advice from Erin Flynn Jay, the author of the new book, Mastering the Mommy Track.   

This week, I have 6 more tips that focus on balancing motherhood, family, and career. 

Tip #7: Share Family and Home Obligations with Your Partner

One of Erin’s top tips is to ask for help with responsibilities around the house. She says,

“Women have made great strides toward equality in the workplace, but not at home. Household chores largely fall on the mothers’ shoulders—but these tasks and parenting responsibilities should be divided equally. Women will never have time for themselves until they can achieve this balance at home.”

My suggestion is to have a meeting with your spouse or partner and work together to divide chores as evenly as possible so that you won’t end up resentful and burned out. Include scheduling in times when your spouse will give you “time outs” away from the kids. Knowing that you’ll have a few free hours to spend relaxing and recharging each week is a great motivator to get you through hectic times.

Tip #8: Join a Local Moms’ Support Group

Mastering the Mommy Track notes that working mothers may feel isolated post-birth, especially if they don’t have friends and family close by to help them out. New moms need all the support they can get while caring for babies, feeding on demand, and coping with their own sleep deprivation. Yet, support is also needed beyond a baby’s first year.

“I recommend mothers look into joining a local moms’ support group. Conduct online research to determine what your city or region has to offer – then get involved. Attend an event and see if you like the group members and if it would be a good fit. Keep searching until you find the group that will work for your schedule and needs,” advises Erin.

Tip #9: Periodically Evaluate Your Career

Working mothers need to periodically evaluate their careers and determine their best growth opportunities. This decade, more women will alter their jobs to allow more time for their families. How can the two trends happen? With superb technology available, women can complete training on their own time, work from their homes, and spend less time commuting or office dwelling. Make it a priority to continually assess where you are in your career or current job so that you don’t limit yourself into thinking that your current situation is the best it can be.


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