6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

National Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated May 2-6, 2016.  Mighty Mommy has some creative ways your family can thank teachers.

Cheryl Butler
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In 1985, The National Education Association and the National PTA designated the first week in May as a special time to honor those who lend their passion and skills to educating our children.

This year, during the week of May 2nd, parents and students can take the time to celebrate the teachers in their life in a variety of ways.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1.) Say Thank You

One of the easiest and most heartfelt ways to show your appreciation to all the important teachers in your life is to simply say “thank you." Send them an e-mail letting them know how much they mean to your family; pick up the phone and ask them to return your call. He/she will be so surprised when they call you back and you say that you’re calling to say “thanks for all you do during the year.” Mail a card or note of appreciation to school (people still love a thoughtful piece of snail mail!); ask the principal if some of the parents and their kids can get on the microphone during morning announcements and spread some appreciation cheer to the teaching staff; or have your child use one of these fun printable cards to personalize their own message to their favorite teacher this week.  

Here are some Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards that you might use!

2.) Donate a Book for the Classroom Library

Books are always a hit with teachers. Coordinate with your child's class and ask everyone to donate a new or used book to the classroom library.  Use the online book finder tool to check out the latest reads. 

3.) Letter to the Editor of Your Hometown Paper

One way to really give a shout-out of praise to your school and favorite teachers is to write a letter of appreciation to your local hometown paper.  To do so during national Teacher Appreciation week is certainly great timing, but if you miss the deadline, anytime between now and the end of the school year is perfect.

4.) Deliver Treats to the Teachers' Lounge or Classrooms

Teachers run all day long and often don’t get to catch a very long break. Make their busy day a little sweeter by arranging to have yummy treats and goodies delivered to the teachers’ lounge for the entire school staff to enjoy during lunch and their quick breaks. Bowls of trail mix or fresh fruit are also a hit. For a real energized start to their day, set up a Smoothie bar and arrange to have a group of parents and students (if possible) serve up these delicious, healthy frozen drinks.

One morning a surprise treat could be left at each classroom door as another token of gratitude for all that teachers and their support staff do to enrich our kid’s lives.  And don’t forget to include the Phys Ed, Art, Music, Library, Office Staff, and Teaching Assistants too.

5.) Former Students—Contact Your Past Teachers

One meaningful way to show a teacher what an impact they’ve made is for a former student to reach out and connect with them. Most of us have all had that one special teacher who really made a difference in our school lives.  Talk to your kids about who their favorite teacher was and ask why?  How about you—what teacher influenced your education or school experience the most? Drop them a note or an e-mail and encourage your kids to do the same.   For many teachers, seeing how their students have grown into happy, successful young adults can be all the appreciation they need.

6.) Add a Decadent Touch to the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Many schools honor their teachers and staff by hosting a catered luncheon one day during Teacher Appreciation week. Take this notable lunch one step further by pulling out the stops and adding a decadent touch to their delicious meal.

Some ideas from a few PTOs are to arrange for a harpist, violinist, or pianist to play relaxing music during the meal. Another group hired a singing balloon-a-gram company to put on a funny skit and hand each teacher a whimsical balloon. And one of the most indulgent ideas to treat the teaching staff was to arrange for a local licensed massage therapist to offer chair massages!

For more ideas visit the Mighty Good Teacher Appreciation Ideas on Pinterest.  

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