Kids and Technology

From the hottest gadgets, to smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, and everything in between, 21st century kids are super savvy when it comes to electronics. Special guest Tech Talker gives parents some guidelines on age-appropriate devices.

Cheryl Butler
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Kids and Technology: A Mighty Mommy/Tech Talker Special

Raising kids in the 21st century affords parents incredible opportunities that previous generations probably never dreamed of. One such area of opportunity is technology. Our kids are being born and raised in the savvy world of electronics, and truthfully, many know more about the latest gadgets than we parents do. .

Mighty Mommy is often asked about the appropriate age for kids to start owning their own tech gadgets. Though this is truly a personal decision based on parents' assessment of their children's maturity and whether they have earned the right to use what is often an expensive piece of equipment, there are some general considerations to deciding what is or isn’t appropriate. That’s why I’m thrilled to get the advice of my Quick and Dirty Tips colleague, Eric Escobar, the amazing Tech Talker, for his insight and guidance on these important and costly purchases.

Game Consoles

Mighty Mommy  From portable technology, such as the Nintendo DS, to movement-sensing equipment like the XBOX 360 Kinect, video gaming has come a long way baby! Eric, what are some considerations to keep in mind for parents who are looking to purchase a gaming system for their child?

Tech Talker: I would start by making sure the games your child is buying are age appropriate. Check labels to make sure. Most games and consoles require an account to be set up. Be sure to help your child set up the account and put in their correct age. This will restrict any mature or adult content games that may be advertised to your child.

My next suggestion would be to remove any credit card information from your online game accounts. Apple just settled a lawsuit in which children racked up thousands of dollars of charges in app upgrade purchases for an online game. Removing the credit card information will ensure nothing gets charged to your card.


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