Kids and Swimming Pool Safety

Tips for keeping children safe in and around swimming pools.

Cherylyn Feierabend
4-minute read
Episode #155

Summer in Arizona is amazing. It’s gets hot here and stays hot. During the summer we spend a great deal of our time outside in the water. I grew up here and my family had a swimming pool in the backyard. I’m pretty sure that once I learned to swim, around the age of 5, I felt invincible in the water. Nowadays, I realize just how NOT invincible I was. So here comes summer and my kids are very excited about the prospect of hanging out in the water and learning to swim. This is a great time to talk about safety in and around swimming pools.

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How to Keep Kids Safe Around the Water

One of the things that I think is crucial to our children’s safety around water is to teach children to respect the water. Let them know the dangers of going in and around water without a grown-up. One of the rules my children learned in their first swim lessons was to always always always ask permission before entering a pool. That reminds them and you to be present whenever they are going into the water. Talk with your children about the dangers of water. It can be a challenging conversation because you don’t want them to be afraid of the water, but you do want them to know that it can be dangerous if they don’t follow the safety rules. Give them a quick checklist if it helps them remember. You can have them remember these three simple rules:

  1. Do not play or run near the water.

  2. Ask permission from an adult before going in or around a pool.

  3. If you see another child near or in the water without a grown-up, tell an adult right away.


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