Plastic Bags Versus Nylon Packing Cubes

Cheap plastic baggies versus pricey packing cubes—which is best for your packing needs?

Amanda Thomas,
June 30, 2015

I recently professed my love for plastic baggies in a podcast titled, “21 Uses for Plastic Baggies When Traveling.” When we were planning our five-week trip, we looked at a number of products we thought would help us in our travels. One of the things I looked at was packing cubes. These are nylon zipper bags that act as suitcase dividers. They allow a traveler to keep all like items of clothing together in each of the handy little cubes. But they can come with a substantial price tag.

My husband and I debated buying and using these cubes, but ultimately decided to use XL size plastic baggies instead. For our trip, they were perfect for what we needed, but they may not be a fit for every traveler’s needs. To help you decide if you should use cheapo plastic baggies, or invest in a set of durable nylon packing cubes, I created this quick comparison sheet.

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