How to Separate Important Emails from Spam

Stever Robbins
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It's convenient to use a different email address for different online accounts. That way, if a site sells your email address to a spammer, a simple email filter can be used to discard all future email to that address.

If you use Gmail, you can do this! Just add a plus-sign after your username, and anything you want after the plus sign. If your email address is getitdoneguy2@gmail.com, you can register at Amazon as getitdoneguy2+amazon@gmail.com. Those messages will still go to the getitdoneguy2 account. Then you can filter those messages into a separate category, or delete them if that address gets compromised.

You can also use special addresses for extra important email and have your email program flag those as important. You could register with your bank as getitdoneguy2+financial@gmail.com. Then you use a Gmail filter to flag those as important.

For more information about eliminating spam in your email inbox please see my episode "How to Eliminate Spam."

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