How to Eliminate Spam

Three great tools for eliminating spam.

Stever Robbins
Episode #027

Tip #3: The No-Commitment Relationship

Sometimes, you want a few messages and you don't want them to vanish. For that, spamgourmet.com is your answer. With Spamgourmet, you also make up e-mail addresses, but incoming messages forward to your personal e-mail account. The made-up address magically deactivates after three incoming messages. If you like what's coming in, you can go in and set the address not to deactivate. When I enter a contest or drawing where they announce the winner by e-mail, I use Spamgourmet.

Tip #4: For Techies Only!

If you own your own domain, here's a neat trick. This one's more complicated, but lots of fun. Have your domain forward all incoming e-mail to your Gmail account. Then when giving company X your e-mail address, give them the address X@yourdomain. For example, when I register at Amazon.com, I give the e-mail address Amazon@MyDomain.com. Then if Amazon sells my name and I start getting spam to that address, I just make a Gmail filter to auto-delete all messages sent to Amazon@MyDomain.com. I actually use a second-level domain like mail.MyDomain.com, and spammers can't even know that domain exists since 2nd level domains aren't listed.

To recap, set your preferences whenever possible so you don't get e-mail. Then use separate public and private e-mail addresses for friends and everyone else. Mailinator.com and spamgourmet.com can be used for super-temporary address that won't clog your inbox. You can find links to all of this below.

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Work Less, Do More, and have a Great Life!


- Spam.com, the home of Hormel Spam(r) products.
- Mailinator.com, no-password, web-based e-mail.
- SpamGourmet.com, e-mail forwarding that only lets a few messages through.

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