How to Use Custom Domains and Catch-All Emails

Funnel site-specific emails into one inbox for convenience and security.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #461

Stop behind-the-scenes data sharing

Many websites care a lot about protecting you from government surveillance, so they can watch you instead. Sites agree to share data, and behind the scenes, they match up your accounts on different sites to build a master profile of you. They match using email, name, IP address, and stuff like that. This usually just results in a targeted ad or two on social media. But beneath the surface, it does mean that if you use the same email address for DecentBuy.com and FriendlyHappyStore.com they may share data and each site gets your whole profile. You may not want that. Thomas certainly doesn’t. Using different email addresses at each site makes it harder for companies to profile you, making sure that what happens at DecentBuy.com stays at Decentbuy.com. Let’s just say that using a catch-all helps iron out all the kinks.

Setting up a custom domain and catch-all email

Since Thomas is literally half-machine, he’s owned his own domain with a catch-all email since his manufacture date. But you’re not too far behind the curve, since you can set up your own in less than an hour on the cheap. First, go to a domain registrar, like NameCheap, which is my favorite. Next, choose a domain name. It’s okay if it’s relatively cheap or silly. This isn’t going to be for sharing with business colleagues. It’s for giving to social media, shopping sites, and anything else that sends you newsletters or promotions, like fitness trackers or event planners.

Once your domain is registered, the registrar will let you create a catch-all email address. Set this up to forward to your main email address. You’ll now receive, in your main inbox, all emails that are sent to an address ending in @yourdomain.com. And you’ll be able to tell where each email came from by sorting through “to” addresses in your email client. 

Finally, set up any forwarding rules you want from your inbox. If one of your email addresses is compromised, which means your email has been stolen or sold, you can write a rule to send anything with that “to” address to the trash. You can also establish priority rules that reroute emails with a certain “to” address to a high-priority or specific-priority inbox. So you could direct emails to my@yourdomain.com to your finance inbox, and Thomas could make sure anything from The Circuits goes straight to high priority. Because Thomas is looking for some self-discovery, and The Circuits are looking for a new drummer.

Grab a custom domain, and use a catch-all email address and filters to take some tiny bit of control back from the surveillance economy.

Help stem the tide of email overload! Grab a custom domain, and use a catch-all email address and filters to take some tiny bit of control back from the surveillance economy. 

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