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Use This Tip to Write Better Cover Letters

The whole goal here is to keep things moving forward by anticipating their questions, making it easy for them to respond, and having defaults in place in case they don't respond.

In addition to using this tactic for writing better emails, you can also apply it to writing better cover letters when you're job hunting. Never end a cover letter saying "Call me if you're interested." They won't call, but they will have a party where they cackle gleefully and dance around a bonfire of all the resumes of people they're rejecting. Instead, say, "I'll call you Thursday at 2 p.m. to follow up. If that time isn't convenient, contact me at 555-5555 and suggest another time." That way, you can take charge and keep things moving forward.

Think ahead. Anticipate the information they may need. Give them as much as possible to take the next step. And put defaults in place in case they don't take action.

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