Use Your Disputes Account

Don't have a Disputes account? If so, then you should get one. Get-It-Done Guy has an example to remind you of its usefulness.

Stever Robbins
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Use Your Disputes Account


Yay, I'm going to the Tony Awards! Not as a nominee, sadly. In fact, not even as an usher. I had to pay for my tickets. But the good news is that surely I’ll get to walk the red carpet on my way to the theater's Will Call for my nosebleed seats.

Er, no… It turns out there is no "Will Call." It’s more like a “Won’t Call.” I have to pick up my tickets the previous week at the production office. There go my plans to accidentally bump into Neil Patrick Harris and trade time-saving infant-raising tips. Darn.

Unfortunately, I don't live in New York. So I had to call and leave a message on the voicemail system asking them to mail my tickets instead. The moment voicemail or a change of plans gets involved, the potential for things to blow up enters the scene.

Immediately after leaving my voicemail message, I sent an email to my Disputes email account detailing the time, date, and content of the message I left. That way, if anything goes wrong, and someday Neil Patrick Harris asks, "Why have we never met at the Tonys before?" I can reconstruct events and explain about the Ticket Mix up of 2012.

If you have a Disputes account set up, consider this a reminder to use it.

If you don't have a Disputes account, set one up ASAP. It takes only a few minutes and will save you tons of time and frustration keeping track of details when you have to deal with other organizations. Learn how in my episode on tracking disputes.

Happy Tracking, and I hope you use—but never need—your disputes account.

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