6 Best Ways to Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

Rather than discovering the things you shouldn’t do while pursuing your New Year’s Resolution, discover the 6 things that are absolutely essential to fitness success.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #168

At about this same time last year, I filled you in on the Top 6 New Year’s Resolution Mistakes. These mistakes included not quantifying your goals, not setting dates or benchmarks, setting too many goals, not tracking or logging, not sharing, and not expecting setbacks. Check out that episode for more detail on each of these mistakes that keep you from achieving your fitness goals.

But this year, let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Rather than discovering the things you shouldn’t do while pursuing your New Year’s resolution, let’s discover the 6 things that are, in my opinion, absolutely essential for success:

Tip #1: Journaling

Journaling is a newfound joy of mine. I wake up every morning, roll over in bed, and open my journal, which is called a “Five-Minute Journal.” I read one inspiring quote, then give 3 answers to the following question: “What Would Make Today Great?” Finally, I write my daily affirmation – which for me right now is this: “I am inspiring, a joy to be around, and a patient teacher.” Later, in the evening, I re-open the journal and answer the following questions “What 3 Amazing Things Happened Today?” and “How Could You Have Made Today Better?”

It may sounds silly, airy-fairy, or woo-woo, but this morning practice has kept me laser-focused on my goals and on what I want to accomplish each day. My only regret is not beginning a daily journaling practice earlier in life!

Tip #2: Planning

Unless you write down your plan for achieving your resolution, it’s simply not going to happen. I personally use a software called Evernote to write down my calendar for each day of the week, and to keep track of what I want to do every day. For example, during a typical New Year’s “cleansing” type of program, you’ll want to write down your daily protocol (e.g. waking up and tracking heart rate, weight and body fat, taking specific cleansing supplements, drinking a green smoothie, doing deep breathing exercises, etc.) and also your protocol for each specific day (e.g. Monday is yoga and foam rolling, Tuesday is body weight exercises and a long morning walk, etc.).

Of course, you don’t have to use Evernote. You can use a giant wall calendar, a phone app, Google Calendar, or anything else that works for you. But the key is that you must write down exactly what you want to accomplish for each day, preferably for both diet and exercise.

Tip #3: Sharing

If you go on your Facebook page or the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page, or start a blog or a Twitter account, you can tell others about your New Year’s resolution, your exercise goals, your milestones, and your achievements. Social accountability, and the ability to brag to others, are both great ways to get externally motivated to exercise.


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