6 Shoe Storage Ideas

Find solutions to your messy closet with these shoe organization tips.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Reboot Your Boots

Keep your boots looking their best by storing them with empty wine or soda bottles inside. They'll stay upright and maintain their shape.

Shoe-Polishing Kit

Repurpose your wipes container as a shoe-polishing kit! Store polish, leather wipes, brushes, cloths, and deodorizers inside the container, and stash it in a cabinet or closet when not using. When it’s time to freshen up your leather shoes, all your supplies will be at the ready!

Wet Shoe Rack

Minimize the damage caused by muddy shoes inside your front door with a dish rack placed over a baking tray. It will make a handy caddy for wet, dirty shoes by letting the air get at them so they’ll dry (and clean up more easily when the sun comes out). Then get as much mud as you can off the dish rack and tray and stick in your dishwasher.

Bring Boots Off the Floor with Hanging Storage

One of the greatest challenges in our five-person household is keeping closets under control—and shoes and boots tend to be some of the trickiest culprits. To suppress a boot invasion inside your closet, try this storage trick: Rather than allowing boots to accumulate in a pile on the floor, hang them in a closet with pants hangers. Keep the clips from damaging the boot material by sticking a strip of fabric between the boot and the clip.

These Boots Are Made for Hangin’

Instead of storing boots on the floor, where they bend and wrinkle thanks to that pesky ol’ gravity, use pants hangers with clips to hang them in a closet. Not only will they stay straight and like-new for longer, they’ll also be organized and out of the way.

Hanging Sandal Storage

Need an out-of-the-way spot to stash your flip-flops and sandals? Easily transform a standard wire hanger into a flip-flop hanger, and you’ll never be digging at the back of your closet for dusty flip-flops again. First, find some thin wire hangers—they should be easy to bend with your hands. With needle-nose pliers, snip off the bottom rung of the hanger. Now bend the remaining wire ends up, to create two U shapes on either side of the hanger. You should be able to easily slip the strap of your flip-flops over the U you just made to hang them in your closet! But before you do, use the pliers to curl the sharp wire ends back towards the wire to protect yourself from them. Finally, find some space in your closet or install a new rod hanger, and hang your flops!

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