7 Creative Toy and Craft Storage Solutions

Kids and toys go hand in hand, so whether you’ve got toddlers or tweens, the key to keeping family space uncluttered is creative storage. Here are Mighty Mommy's 7 nifty solutions to help keep toys neatly out of the way.

Cheryl Butler
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Before you know it, your kids' dolls, trucks, puzzles, games, Legos, and arts and craft supplies will take over your entire house. Mighty Mommy experienced this toy storage dilemma with her 8 kids - and along the way, she discovered 7 nifty solutions to keep unused toys organized and out of the way:

Idea #1:  Couch Storage Drawers

Although we had a designated toy area in our home, my kids always wanted to play with blocks, Barbies, and tea party sets in the living room. Rather than continuing to drag toys back to the playroom, I took 2 drawers from an old bureau for the kids to store their extra toys. We slid the drawers under our sofa, and I glued felt to the bottom of the drawers so the wood wouldn’t scrape the hardwood. We still keep board games in these gently worn drawers, and some of my kids are in college!

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Idea #2:  Plastic Flower Window Boxes

Flower boxes make attractive storage bins for everything from doll accessories to Legos.  Several can fit along on one wall, and they can even be hung to fit a young child’s height, so that your kids can easily access them when it’s time to clean up.

Idea #3:  Bookcases with Fabric or Curtain Closures

Bookcases offer valuable storage for not only your child’s books, but their games, puzzles, play dishes and more.  The key is being able to cover the open shelves so they aren’t messy or cluttered-looking.  Simply hang a tension rod inside the top of the bookcase and choose any fabric to match your décor.  Shower curtains work wonderfully, and can be cut to the necessary length.  This also offers easy access for young kids who wish to get behind the curtain to select a toy.

Idea #4:  Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are a great way to store toys such as art supplies and Matchbox cars.  The clear, individual pockets allow kids to see what’s inside, and you can keep all those little accessories and smaller toys neatly organized when they’re not in use.

Idea #5:  Plastic Milk Crates

Plastic milk crates are one of the most versatile storage solutions out there.  Not only can you find them in a wide selection of decorative colors, you can stack them, use them individually, or even artfully arrange them on the wall of your child’s bedroom or family room.  

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Idea #6:  Suitcases

Suitcases make a wonderful way to store dress-up clothes, race-car sets, train tracks, and even blocks. Wheeled suitcases are ideal for toting certain toys and collections to grandma’s house or the babysitter’s place.  They store neatly in your closet or under your child’s bed.

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Idea #7:  Hampers for Outdoor Toys

Sturdy plastic hampers are great for storing outdoor toys and sports equipment - baseball bats, hockey sticks, soccer balls, and even summer boogie boards and pool noodles.  The plastic can easily be hosed down when debris builds up, and the handles on the hamper allow for easy transportation from the garage to the backyard.

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