7 Storage Tips for a Tidier Home

Important papers can be hard to store without causing creases. Candles are another pesky item to store without damaging. Learn how to store items like these effectively and efficiently. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Shoe Organizers

Those over-the-door hanging shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes! In fact, we keep them all over the house—their handy cubicles will hold anything, from accessories to toiletries to spices to remote controls and video games. We especially love them in the kids’ rooms, since the easy-to-reach pockets make toy cleanup a cinch for little ones.

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Tool Box Carryall

Tool boxes are perfect for all-around storage—we use one to store craft supplies, another for extra school supplies, and yet another to actually hold our tools. As a bonus, they’re super-portable, so you can use them for any activity that requires you to travel.

Label Stored Artwork

If you have wall art that isn’t yet ready for the wall, take a picture before rolling it into a cardboard tube or covering it in bubble wrap for storage. Tape the photo to the outside of its storage packaging, so you’ll know in a quick glance what the poster or painting is without having to reopen it.

Cardboard Tubes

To store posters, certificates, degrees, and other valuable paper items, roll them up and pop them into a cardboard tube, like a toilet paper or paper towel roll. It will protect them from tears and creases and make them easier to tuck away.

Detergent Boxes

Instead of throwing away the boxes that powdered laundry detergent comes in, we keep them to store household items. We have one in the garage for tools, one for my wife’s sewing supplies, and we also give them to the kids for toys. They’re perfect because they’re easy to carry and lined with waterproof wax. Just make sure to rinse them out first!

Handle Candles with Care

Keep your unused candles intact with this easy storage trick: Cover them in tissue paper and slip them into a cardboard paper towel tube. If you like, label the tubes by color, scent, and length so you know what to grab first. No more dented, cracked, and crushed candles in your junk drawer!

God’s Gift to Organization

Clear plastic storage bins may be the greatest thing we have going for us. If you feel like your house is constantly cluttered, go to your nearest organizational store, superstore, or even dollar store, and stock up immediately. But before you go, take a look around your house to find empty areas for some covert storage. Buy long, flat bins for under the couch and you can store board games, video games, and DVDs. Buy tall, stackable ones for keeping items in a closet. And buy whatever fits best under your bed to maximize this perfect space for storing off-season clothes. Make sure to keep at least one in easy reach—we have one that’s simply for all the stuff we find in our living room that needs to be put back elsewhere in the house.

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