7 Tips to Manage Your Work-Life Balance

It’s easy for our lives to become overwhelmed by work. Finding that perfect balance is a challenge for all of us. Follow these tips to tip the scale in your favor.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #211

Working LunchListener Tom writes in:

“I work 10-7, often later, plus at least parts of nearly every weekend. To that, add a 30-minute commute each way, and I can barely fit in basic life tasks like laundry, going to the post office, and paying bills, let alone having a personal life. I used to love what I do; now I hate it. How can I fit life in around my job?"

Tom, Tom, Tom. You're the victim of the 21st century. We're so glad to have jobs at all that we pretty much put up with job situations that suck. First, make sure you've read my previous articles about how to set boundaries at work and how to balance work and life. We're going to build on those today.

Here are 7 tips to help achieving work life balance:

Tip #1: Budget Your Time

We're taught to budget our money and spend it wisely, but we're not taught to budget our time. And while you can earn more money, you can't get more time. When your number is up, it's up.

A so-called work life balance is simply deciding how much of your non-replaceable time you're going to spend working (including your commute), and how much you're reserving for your actual life – the part that matters. I reserve 3.5 hours on alternate Saturdays for my personal life. I hope you do better.


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