7 Ways to Organize Kids' Bedrooms for the New Year

As another year comes to a close, take advantage of getting your child's bedrooms nice and tidy.

Cheryl Butler
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Tip #4: Rearrange the Floor Plan

If you haven’t taken the time to evaluate the floor plan of your child’s bedroom in a while, now that you’re in the groove of purging and organizing, you can take it one step further by hanging out in his/her bedroom for a bit and seeing if the furniture arrangement still works.  Does the way your child’s bed is positioned make the best use of space? Even in a small room, is there enough space to move freely about given the existing set up of the bed, bureau, and other pieces of furniture like a bookcase or desk and chair? Try moving around your furniture to create a new look. If that's not enough, and your child’s furniture is looking old and tired, try re-painting some of it or even replacing existing dresser knobs to freshen things up.  We recently gave my daughter’s desk a complete makeover with a simple can of aqua blue spray paint. It made her entire bedroom look crisp and new.  

Tip #5: Show Those Walls the Love

Speaking of changing the feel of a room with color, while you and your child are evaluating how the existing floor plan of his/her bedroom is working, take a good look at the walls.  Are they looking a little dull and tired?  Get your child’s input for a new color scheme.  You can really make an impact by just painting one wall a bold accent color.  There are also very cool wallpaper murals available now that you could place on just one section of the bedroom to freshen it up or how about letting your child choose some vibrant new posters or artwork to hang in his/her bedroom to give it a bit more personality?

Tip #6: Add a Fun Factor

A child’s bedroom can serve more purposes than just a place to sleep. It’s also his/her private retreat from the rest of the household, a place for some quiet time, and a space where he/she can be creative and also dream big. If you’re looking to perhaps add some whimsy or unexpected delight to your child’s bedroom, this might be a great time to interject a little fun factor.  When my sons were pre-schooler’s we made one corner of their bedroom a permanent fort using large cardboard boxes that we painted to resemble a log cabin. To this day, now in college, they still talk about their special fort. A fun factor can be something small or something elaborate. Check out some of these clever and dramatic ideas on buzz feed.

Tip #7: Create a Maintenance Routine

If there’s one thing most kid’s bedrooms have in common it’s the ability for these areas to be caught up in a frustrating cycle of being clean and organized only to suddenly become chaotic and messy within a matter of hours.  Help guide your children to establish healthy maintenance routines so that they can stay on top of the clutter and such by managing the care of their rooms on a daily and weekly basis, not just when it reaches a point of a disastrous mess.

Come up with a daily and weekly list of bedroom maintenance items such as making the bed each morning and putting all toys and books that have been used away by the beginning of each weekend to help your child (and you) stay on top of things.  If they learn young how to care for their personal belongings and their sacred space they’ll be better apt to do so when they become young adults.  See Also:  How to Get Kids to Help with Chores

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