How to Keep Business Cards Organized When You Travel

When you travel to a conference, you'll probably end up meeting all sorts of people...now if only you could locate their business cards. Find out how to keep your business cards organized here. 

Stever Robbins
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How to Keep Business Cards Organized When You Travel


When you travel to a conference, you’ll likely collect business cards of people you might want to contact, collaborate with, hire, be hired by, or avoid like the plague. If you’re like me, you accept someone’s business card and keep direct eye contact as you thank them, while carefully putting their business card in your jacket pocket. Or your wallet. Or your conference bag. Or in the plastic pouch on the back of your nametag.

By the time you return from the conference, cards are in so many different places that it’s easy to forget some of them, never mind take meaningful action on them.

To get the most out of your conference connections, decide in advance where you’ll put cards as you receive them. If my nametag has plastic pouch big enough, my policy is to keep incoming cards there. Otherwise, they go in my right interior jacket pocket. Those are the only places I ever put cards.

When I get back to my hotel room and take of my nametag, I immediately transfer the cards to a Ziploc bag I keep on my desk labeled “Business Cards from the name of the conference.” That way, all the cards are together, and when I get back to my office, I can go through the bag knowing I’ve dealt with each one.business cards

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