8 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

No more excuses for messy cars! DIY storage and more to help clean up your car.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Organizing your car doesn't have to be hard. Here are eight simple tips and tricks to keep your automobile squeaky clean. 

how to keep your car clean

How to Keep Your Car Clean

  1. Turn a Visor into an Organizer
  2. Repurpose a Backpack
  3. Safeguard Tissue Boxes
  4. Divide Your Truck Bed
  5. Shelf Liners
  6. Repurposed Baby Wipes Containers
  7. Velcro Strips
  8. Loose Change Container

Let's dive into each tip a little further.

Turn a Visor into an Organizer

Turn your car’s visor into a handy place to store paper and other flat items by using rubber bands. Wrap several rubber bands snugly around the visor, then slip papers, CDs, or anything else under the rubber bands.

Repurpose a Backpack

Your daughter is suddenly too cool for her Dora the Explorer backpack. It’s not even worn out, but it’s not really your look, either. A great way to repurpose it is to use it as storage in your car! It will easily hang on the back of one of the front seats, and keep all those odds in ends that usually litter the floor.

Safeguard Tissue Boxes

If you’re like us, you keep a box of tissues in the car to clean up sniffles and other inevitable spills that happen on the road. To make sure your car’s tissue box doesn’t get flattened by bumps on the road and the feet of restless children, make a plastic cover out of leftovers container! Get a reusable plastic container like GLAD-Ware that fits the size of the tissue box (“potluck” size works well). Then cut a rectangular strip out of the bottom center of the container—this will be the slit you’ll pull the Kleenex out of. Place the box of tissues upside-down inside the container, so the opening of the tissue box aligns with the strip you just cut out. Cover with the lid, and turn it right-side up. You should be able to pull tissues from the open slot, and your cardboard box is road-safe.

Divide Your Truck Bed

Sick of things rattling around your truck bed? Divide it into several compartments for storage by using spring-loaded shower curtain rods. Brace the rods against the sides of your truck bed and each other. They’ll keep larger items from shifting during flight.

Shelf Liners

Rubberized shelf liners can be just as useful in your car’s trunk as in your cabinets. Lay it down over the bottom of your trunk and the items inside will be less likely to move around while you’re driving.

Repurposed Baby Wipes Containers

An empty baby wipes container can be put to great use in your car—as a handy travel kit! Inside, store a first-aid kit, tissues, cough drops, small toys for the kids, or anything else you’ve wished you had in your car for long trips.

Velcro Strips

Use Velcro strips to keep your in-car essentials in place. Anything from paper towels, tissue boxes, maps, toys, and a small garbage can be fastened to a door or seat back. This way, you’ll spend much less time digging around under the seats for missing things.

Loose Change Container

The next time you’re heading for a tollbooth, be prepared. Stash any loose change in your car inside a pill bottle, and you’ll be organized and ready for paying tolls and feeding meters.

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