6 Simple Ways to Organize Mail

Finally manage all that mail that's been piling up with these easy-to-implement organization tips. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
October 12, 2017

Organizing mail shouldn't be the bane of one's existence. Once you have a process in place, you needn't think twice about where that letter from Aunt Diane is, or what to do with that umpteenth credit card offer. Follow these simple rules to clean your mail and clear you mind. 

How to Organize Mail

  1. Trash It from the Start
  2. Opt Out of Junk Mail
  3. Hang on to Address Labels
  4. Set Up a Mail-Sorting System
  5. Sort with a Cookware Rack
  6. Cage Up Your Mail

Let's explain each organization tip a little further. 

Trash It from the Start

With such a busy family, it’s hard to control the clutter in our house. So we try to prevent the clutter before it starts: We keep a small, inconspicuous trashcan near our usual mail-opening spot. That way, we can easily toss junk mail into the garbage without setting it on a table or countertop, where it will sit for weeks.

Opt Out of Junk Mail

Sick of getting a million credit card offers every time you open your mail box? You can opt out for free by visiting OptOutPrescreen.com (or call 1-888-567-8688). Signing up will eliminate all of those “pre-approved” offers from taking up space in your mailbox and your trashcan. While you’re at it, visit DMAChoice.org to remove yourself from even more companies’ mailing lists.

Hang on to Address Labels

If you’re like us, you receive free address labels in the mail from time to time. Put them to good use by labeling notebooks, kid’s items, and anything else you’d like to personalize.

Set Up a Mail-Sorting System

Is that ever-growing pile of mail giving you nightmares? Regain control by setting up this simple sorting system. As you open each piece of mail, stick it into one of the following designated files or letter boxes: “Follow Up,” “Records,” and “Review” (i.e., re-read).

Sort with a Cookware Rack

Got an extra pot-lid rack sitting around? Use it as a mail sorter! Paint it first, if you like, then organize your mail by size from front to back—small items in the front (bills, postcards, letters) and larger ones (magazines and catalogs) in the back.

Cage Up Your Mail

Do you have an old birdcage lying around? Use it to hold mail! Hang it from the ceiling or find an out-of-the-way spot on a desk or table, then stash mail, stationery, envelopes, a letter opener, pens, and other writerly tools inside.


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