The New Podcast That Will Make You a More Organized Parent

Are you a parent? Then there’s a good chance you might be feeling disorganized. You’re in luck. Check out the new podcast, Time to Parent, from organizing expert Julie Morgenstern.

Stever Robbins
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Today I'm excited to share a bonus episode of Time to Parent with all the parents out there listening to my show. This new podcast is going to really hit home with Get-It-Done Guy fans—it's hosted by Julie Morgenstern, an organizing expert and the bestselling author of Organizing from the Inside Out. Fun fact—Julie was even hired by Oprah to help organize her TV Show's archives!

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In her new podcast, Julie applies her top-notch organizing techniques to help parents improve their productivity and family life. This episode of Time to Parent covers many important issues relating to arranging your life in a meaningful way as a parent. Julie talks with a special guest Elizabeth, who is a parent who had struggled to find balance between her work and home life. The episode sheds more light on:

  • What it means to be attentive to “Arrange,” the logistics behind running a household such as cooking, cleaning, and organizing physical space
  • The detriment of avoiding the organizing you need to do now
  • How physical chaos can affect kids, with input from a licensed clinical psychologist
  • The importance of systems on reducing stress
  • How “hot spots” can help you get more organized
  • The value of consistency, such as what Julie calls “anchors,” when it comes to a morning routine

Listen to Time to Parent on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts. Subscribe for the rest of the season, when Julie will cover even more ways to make you a productive and present parent.


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