Use a Single Notebook for Notes

Stever Robbins
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One of the most wonderful things about having pencils, pens, and paper, is that we can jot down notes. Lots of notes! If you own sticky pads, you can jot down notes and put them everywhere. While this is great way to remember things, it can quickly create a lot of clutter. Also, since notes are spread out, we never consider them relative to the other notes we have. "Remember to buy Q-tips" becomes the most important thing because we're staring at the sticky note, not because we've considered it in the context of everything else we need to finish.

Quick and Dirty Tip: Grab yourself a single notebook to use for all your note taking. Whenever you have something you want to jot down, do it in your notebook. Write the date by each entry. The notebook will become your ongoing repository for the random-things-you-need-to-capture-but-you-don't-know-where. This is your catch-all notebook, not a to-do list or personal productivity tool. At the end of the day, review the day's entries and transfer anything that warrants being turned into a to-do item or calendar item to your task management or calendar system.

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