Use Your Passion to Motivate Yourself

Motivate yourself by connecting to the passion in life and work.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #28

Today's topic is using passion to motivate you at work.

Hello Stever, this is Reid. I've been listening to your podcasts and they're great. And I have a question for you, for your podcast. Every time, whenever I go to work, I really just lose enthusiasm before I get there, so this may be more of a psychology question than an organizational question. But, I'm wondering if you have any tips about how to maintain a spark, or maintain that special spark (how 'bout that)? Maintain enthusiasm for work before you get there. When I lose that enthusiasm, I lose energy and it seems to sap my organizational ability or my effectiveness.

Reid, the quick and dirty tip comes from Monty Python's movie, Life of Brian: Always look on the bright side of life, or at least, find where you're passionate and concentrate on that.

Find What You Love About Your Job

Connecting to your true motivators can be powerful. Nineteen-year-old Ryan Allis was passionate about entrepreneurship. He started a little company and by age 23 was running at $10 million per year. I met him through a mutual friend and asked his secret. He brings passion to everything he does, in part by keeping the passion front-and-center.

Think, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Trite, I know, but it works. When you're driving to work, chances are that you're going over all the ways your job sucks. You're reviewing that nasty e-mail a customer sent, or the boredom you felt waiting for your computer to reboot, or worse, Bernice's new polyester pants suit. Yes, Lycra stretches. Way too far.

But don't dwell on the Lycra. Dwell on your dear friend Bernice and how much you love her. See? Even abject terror can change to love with the right mindset. You need to, Reid, find where there's passion in your job. Focus on that and let it pull you forward. People find passion in different places. Let's explore where you can find yours.

Do You Love Your Tasks?

What you love may be the tasks you do. You're a total numbers geek, and nothing thrills you more than spending a quiet evening by candlelight, creating a 200 by 200 spreadsheet model of Wal-Mart's expansion into Asia. You'll be single for life, but that's OK. A friend of mine worked as a negotiator and loved the challenge of finding a middle ground where both parties felt, um, equally dissatisfied. Put your attention on the tasks you love and let them charge you up.


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