How to Turn Problems into Opportunities

Get easy tips on how to overcome obstacles by finding the hidden opportunities beneath your problems.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #141

Sometimes the Opportunity is Surrender

The opportunity a problem can bring is surrendering to the inevitable. I did the Get-it-Done Guy episode on not giving up your dreams because I’d been bitten by the musical theater bug but never had the courage to follow it. I visited New York, met several actors, producers, and directors, and realized the competition would be brutal. The dancing alone would be a challenge (ask me to tell you the story about the bone saw someday when we have more time).

Dancing, a challenge? I love a challenge! I hired an acting coach to help me prepare audition monologues. At our first meeting, she explained that pretty much no one, no matter how talented, actually makes a living at acting, so I should get that notion out of my head immediately. FREEDOM! Once I discarded the idea that this had to be a career, the possibilities for musical theater as a hobby opened up. Stay tuned for the Get-it-Done Guy one-man musical. And no, I’m not joking. Sometimes surrendering to the inevitable leads to the very thing you thought was impossible.

Now it’s time for me to turn a problem into an opportunity. The problem: I’m staring at a picture of Bernice and Melvin in wet, clinging clothes, at a water park. There must be an opportunity here. Somewhere.

Work Less, Do More, and have a Great Life!

- Episode on deciding when to give up on a dream. - https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/productivity/organization/time-to-give-up-your-dreams

- Turning obstacles into opportunities, sample worksheet – http://www.SteverRobbins.com/getitdoneguy/141-overcoming-obstacles





I look younger than my age and geeky enough that no one takes me seriously.

Craft my image around fun, humor, and a younger generation.

People don’t take me seriously when they first meet me.

Develop public speaking skills so they have no choice but to sit and listen to my ideas long enough to realize that if they close their eyes, I’m worth taking seriously.

I have way too much writing to do every week and it’s driving me bonkers.

I retain rights to most of the writing, so it can form the basis for another book, or a series of white papers, or an animated series starring Nicholas Cage as the pile of stationery.

I haven’t yet recorded my episode this week.

Get back on a wake-up-at-6:30-am schedule and record before my workout.

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