Use Your Online Calendar to Streamline Scheduling

One of the few tools that's really better online than off-line is the calendar. For people with complicated schedules, Get-It-Done Guy shares 5 simple ways your calendar program can help you streamline your productivity.

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Episode #328

Share a Calendar with Shmoopie

If you have a shmoopie, sometimes shmoopie wants to put couples events on your calendar. But you'd really rather not have your shmoopie poking around your work calendar, because shmoopie isn't that good with a mouse, and sometimes accidentally moves or deletes things. Also, you don't want shmoopie to realize you're planning world domination. You want it to be a surprise when you hand shmoopie the keys to a shiny, new Australia.

Create a calendar called Shared, and share it with shmoopie. If you have a Mac, just right-click the calendar name and choose Share Calendar; I assume it's that easy on Windows, too. Now you can each add events to that calendar, and both see all the details.

This throws a bit of a wrench into the rest of your calendars. Remember, shmoopie can't see your existing events, only the shared ones. What if shmoopie adds something that conflicts with one of your existing appointments? You can treat the Shared calendar like a Plan calendar. When you confirm with shmoopie, make a copy of the event in your Main calendar, so you know it's confirmed. Don't just change the event's calendar, though, or it will vanish from shmoopie's calendar program, as well.

Use an online calendar! Use several. One for your main appointments, one for your tentative appointments, and one to share with shmoopie. Use the event notes to gather relevant information, and develop a system of 1-letter codes to put in the event title, so even in month-at-a-glance view, you can get a sense for how you're spending your time.

If you have a favorite iPhone or Mac calendar app, please email me and let me know the name and why you like it. In a future episode, I'll share with listeners some good calendar app suggestions.

I'm Stever Robbins. Email your calendar app suggestions to getitdone@quickanddirtytips.com

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