29 Tips for Stress-Free Air Travel

Traveling can be a headache if you're unrepared. That's why guest writer Harry Peters put together these 29 tips on how to have a stress-free flight!

QDT Editor
6-minute read

Many of us love traveling. But when we dream of jetting off to exotic destinations, our dreams don't include the hassle of dealing with airports. Since that doesn’t look likely anytime soon, check out these 29 tips to help make airports a stress-free experience:

Before you book your flight...

1. Cheapest isn’t always best

When booking your flights, remember that there is more to consider than price – if you’re not a morning person, for example, it would be much better to fly in the late afternoon or evening. So for you, a super cheap deal might turn out to be a nightmare.

2. Avoid weekends

Midweek flights are cheaper and the airport is more likely to be quieter.

3. Fly direct

If you are able to fly directly to your final destination, you won’t have to worry about missing a connecting flight and avoid all the stress that can come along with the inevitable delays that seem to now be the norm rather than the exception.

4. Keep hard copies of your itinerary

When booking your flights, print out flight summaries or boarding passes even if you have electronic copies. The security of having a hard copy that cannot crash, does not require batteries, and does not have a password can really help you get through the hustle-bustle of the airport.   

5. Book some relaxation time

Relax in knowing that once you get through security, you’ll have somewhere peaceful to decompress before your flight. Many airports have lounges that can be accessed by anyone – for a price. To save money, book lounge passes online in advance.