Follow the Leader: Driving Etiquette

The manners of leading and following in cars.

Trent Armstrong
4-minute read
Episode #78

Ferocious Following

There are also some things you as the follower can do to keep yourself on the right track and make things easier on the lead car.

Keep a safe distance, but make an effort to keep up. There is no need to speed, but the threat of stoplights should keep you within at least three or so car lengths of the leader.

You should also minimize distractions in your car. Someone chattering in your ear or a loud radio might be the difference between you arriving at your destination on time and a poor traffic decision that causes you to arrive at the police station instead. If you have a passenger who is distracting you, calmly request that they hold their conversation until you all reach your destination. "I hate to ask this, but could you hold on to that thought until we get to the party? I want to concentrate on the conversation, but I'm afraid I'll get us lost."

And try to read the signals of the person you are following. Be cautious but don't delay lane changes. Also, when on a highway or interstate, you can use your vehicle to facilitate a hassle free trip. When your leader turns on his or her blinker, you can take it upon yourself to safely move to the projected lane in order to clear an area into which the leader may merge.

Sticking with these simple rules and using a little common sense can build trust between leader and follower and bond the two into a formidable convoy.

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