Going Up? Elevator Manners

A little manners can make awkward elevator rides a thing of the past.

Trent Armstrong,

The Great Egress

Well, the elevator is on its way. You've dispensed some awkwardness and are maintaining a comfortable distance, but you're in the front when the elevator door opens on someone else's floor. No problem. Step out of the way and hold the door open even if you need to step slightly out of the elevator to allow that person to pass.  

At the end of the day, everyone loads up and heads down. When the doors open at your destination, allow the passengers that were on the elevator before you to exit first, especially women and children. For those of you in business, think "First In, First Out." This rule applies to a less crowded elevator for obvious reasons. But, if you are trapped in the front of a crowded elevator, it is not feasible to allow others to exit first so go ahead and exit. Everyone will be glad you did.

Hopefully these few mannerly tips will help in making your elevator experience slightly less awkward. If not, I guess you can always try breaking the ice with a couple of jumps. But, be sure to let me know what reactions you get if you do.

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