Manners for the Great Outdoors

Manners are not just for indoor activities, but for all parts of our lives.

Adam Lowe
3-minute read
Episode #33

Remember that manners are not just for indoor activities, but for all parts of our lives. Just because you might be dressed casually, it doesn’t obviate the need to treat the world and others around you in a respectful way. So here are a few quick and dirty tips for some of those fun outdoor activities.

If you’re going to the beach, be prepared with what you want to take with you (food, water, sunscreen, a towel, a good book, an umbrella, your summer crush, etc.), but also be prepared to take all of your trash away when you leave. This might require an extra garbage bag or container, so plan ahead for that, especially if you’re going to a remote beach without trash receptacles.

When going to a more populous beach, try to find a nice spot that’s not right on top of someone else’s blanket. If it requires a little stroll on your part, then enjoy a little extra exercise. If you have a particularly rambunctious crew with you, you might also be conscious of those beachgoers who are enjoying a quiet time reading and relaxing, and situate yourself somewhere where you won’t be disturbing others’ restful times.

When you walk along the beach and lay down your blanket, be aware of the wind direction and try not to stir up sand that could get blown in other beachgoers’ faces. When you do get settled, enjoy yourself at the beach, but don’t assume that others share all of your interests, so use headphones to listen to music, and if you smoke, make sure no one is directly downwind of you (and of course if you do smoke, take all cigarette butts and any matches with you when you leave). When you do head home, make sure to collect all of your refuse, and leave the beach the way you found it.