5 Cliche-Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Have you found that one special person? Are you ready to pop the question? Writer Yasmine Bachir shows you the 5 worst proposal clichés to avoid and 5 awesome ways to get creative with your marriage proposal.

QDT Editor
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Spring is in the air and that means romance is blooming too. Jewelry stores see an uptick in business as couples flood in to choose the perfect rings to take their relationship to the next level.

But the number of clichés that many of us are still using when proposing marriage is staggering: 9 out of 10 Paris-based proposals are at the Eiffel Tower, for crying out loud! 

To help you avoid the pitfalls of a lame proposal, we've outlined the 5 clichés to stay away from when popping the question to that special someone:

Proposal Cliche #1: Potentially Risking Life

Seriously – why would you want to risk your life partner choking to death on their own engagement ring because you thought it was a brilliant idea to hide it in the dessert?

Even if choking is avoided, the ring might cause a broken tooth, plus it will be sticky and gross coming out of whatever gooey dessert it's been sitting in. Ridiculous idea all round.

Same goes for spelling out “Will you marry me” in alphabetti spaghetti. Horrendous.

Proposal Cliche #2: Sharing the Moment with 20,000 "Close Friends"

Yeah, that’s right, let’s have the entire crowd at this sporting event share our special moment and put enormous pressure on you to say "Yes" and me to subsequently laugh it off if you rightly think that this is the worst idea of all time and walk off.

Hope you don’t mind if I stay for the second half. These tickets weren’t cheap, you know. You’re so selfish sometimes.

Proposal Cliche #3: Risking Vertigo at the Eiffel Tower/Empire State Building/London Eye

Hi, I’m your boyfriend and I have a massive vacuum of white noise where my imagination should be, so I’m just going to take you up the elevator of a massive building and propose to you, mere feet from 5 other creatively bankrupt couples doing exactly the same thing.

If we’re really lucky, we’ll see that tearful woman screaming "Yes!" in the background of our celebratory photos. Then we can gaze out at the skyline of Paris/New York/London and silently bite back our screams at the idea of spending the next 60 years together. Fun!

Proposal Cliche #4: Flashmobbing (Unless It’s Unbearably Creative)

Unless you’re Busby Berkeley (you can look that one up but trust us, you’re not), flashmobs are so much more trouble than they’re worth.

And judging by the number of YouTube videos of them, they’re pretty much a tired cliché already. Chances are that anything you’re envisioning has already been done perfectly by somebody else (like this Downtown Disney/Bruno Mars proposal), so anyone comparing your inevitable addition to the YouTube horde will come away thinking you’ve copied them.

Unless you can be ridiculously creative and pull together a lot of resources to make it happen, just don’t bother.

Proposal Cliche #5: The Valentine’s Day Proposal

Ugh. Just don’t. For the love of all that is romantic, pick any other day but this one. Even Christmas Day is a better bet.

So now that we've covered the 5 things to avoid when popping the question, here are 5 creative unique ways …And here’s how to do it properly