How to Be a More Polite Wedding Guest

I've had many questions about weddings.

Adam Lowe
3-minute read
Episode #12

I've had many questions about weddings, so we'll devote this episode to a few quick tips to help you be a more polite guest at a wedding.

How to Be a Polite Wedding Guest

1.    Make sure that you respond before the RSVP date, but better yet within a week after you receive the invitation.  Weddings take a great deal of planning, so you are helping out the families, and if you’re not going to attend, an early response may allow them to invite others.

2.    Send your gift ahead of time via the registry.

3.    Arrive at least 15 minutes early to the ceremony in order to get seated and avoid any chance of being late.

4.    At the ceremony, ushers will help direct you to a seat.  Traditionally, guests from the bride's party sit on one side of the aisle and groom's guests on the other.  There are differences from religion to religion, so simply ask an usher if you are unsure.

5.    At the reception, introduce yourself to the other guests at your table.  The bride and groom are always a good topic to get the conversation started.

6.    Don't change seating assignments at the reception.  It is a long and sometimes painful process putting together all of the seating arrangements, so be respectful and maintain your seat.  You may always get up later to socialize with other guests.