Go Daddy Web Outage - What Happened?

Yesterday Go Daddy, one of the largest domain registrars experienced a massive outage. Was this a glitch in the system, or the work of a rogue hacker? Tech Talker reviews the evidence.

Eric Escobar
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GoDaddy.com is one of the web’s largest domain registrars. You can find out more about web domains here.

Yesterday, Go Daddy was hit hard by a huge outage. The outage lasted for about 5 hours and what it meant was that many sites hosted on Go Daddy were unavailable to both Go Daddy and its customers. A member of the hacker group Anonymous took credit for causing the outage. He claimed that he caused this havoc in order to test Go Daddy's cyber security, according to his posting on Twitter. Thankfully, Go Daddy was able to get its servers back up and running and a majority of its user’s sites were back online, without any data compromised. 

It still remains unclear whether or not this was really an attack by a member of Anonymous, or if was a massive glitch in Go Daddy’s system. Theoretically, even if Go Daddy were attacked, it would have most likely been a large DDoS attack or Distributed Denial of Service attack.  Such attacks don’t aim at stealing information, rather they overwhelm a server or group of servers until the traffic overloads them and causes them to respond slowly or not at all. 

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Go Daddy strongly supported SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act, which made it very unpopular in the eyes of the hacking group Anonymous. This might have been one motivation for the attack.

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