How to Feel Secure on the Internet

Stever Robbins
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We all love to feel secure. And web sites all want to help us. Every single web site on the planet, no matter how trivial or irrelevant, believes that they are so important that we need to choose a separate username and password just to use that site. Should we really need to remember 10,000 usernames and passwords to protect such important things as my favorite recipes or cute pictures of zoo babies?

For unimportant sites, the answer is easy: use a single password for all your unimportant sites, expecting that even if someone gets the password, they won't be able to do any real damage.

For important sites, however, get in the habit of using secure passwords. One way to security is to choose passwords that mix letters, numbers, and special characters. Passwords over 12 characters are best; those are hard for attackers to guess. My episode on How to Remember Your Passwords gives more details on programs and apps you can use to store those passwords so you don't have to memorize them all.

Also check out Tech Talker's episode on how to create and manage strong passwords.

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