Top 5 Reasons to Choose Android Over iPhone

Tech Talker plays devil’s advocate and outlines the top 5 reasons to buy an Android device over an iPhone. Check out the previous episode (#124) for 5 reasons to choose an iPhone over an Android.

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Episode #125

Reason #4: Standard USB Charging

This may sound really dumb but one of the absolute best parts of Android phones is that they almost all use standard micro USB chords to charge. This means that there is no need to buy ultra-expensive cables for your device. A simple charging chord for an Android device may only cost a couple of dollars whereas an iPhone 5s charger will set you back at least $30. This can really add up if you need a charger for your office, backpack, car, and night stand!

Another great feature of the USB charging capability is that if you plug your phone into your computer via USB, you can mount the file system of your device and use you phone as a large thumb drive.

Reason #5: It’s Linux and It's Unlockable

By far my favorite feature about the Android platform is that it uses a Linux operating system and you can browse and edit the entire file system. If you’re a geek like me, this is fantastic because it means there’s next to nothing you can’t make your phone do. It’s basically a tiny computer you can program to do whatever you want and look however you want it to look.

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This means that app developers and customizers have free reign to make customizations to the operating system!

The bottom line is that an Android user is someone who likes to tinker with technology and really customize their user experience. It's also someone who wants a more open platform system that's compatible with more devices. Android phones offer multiple form factors with different features, so if you want a waterproof phone, go with the Galaxy S5, and if you want a giant screen, there's the Galaxy Note. generally, Android devices are cheaper and compatible with more devices than iPhones.

So let’s sum up the 5 reasons to choose an Android over an iPhone:

  1. Android devices are generally cheaper than iPhones.

  2. Android phones have removable parts like batteries and memory cards that make it easy to add capacity.

  3. Most Android phones have NFC and some are even waterproof.

  4. Android phones use standard USB micro chords for power and connectivity.

  5. The operating system is Linux-based, which means any user can unlock and modify it to their heart's content.

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