30+ Apps to Help You Work Less and Do More

Which productivity apps does Get-It-Done Guy rely on to keep his life running?

Stever Robbins,
March 22, 2016
Episode #400

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Of course, being the Get-It-Done Guy. I need apps for … productivity.

As my main calendar, I use CALENDARS 5 by Readdle. TODOist is my main to-do list program, and I use Apple Reminders for my family shopping list. I use the SUNRISE app and its associated custom keyboard for amazingly quick, simple meeting scheduling from my cell phone. If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot. It’s the best rapid scheduling solution I’ve ever found. Indeed, it’s so good that Microsoft acquired Sunrise. I’m going to guess they’ll do what they do with all great technology they acquire: they’ll discontinue it in favor of a half-broken, poorly-implemented, non-functional app based on Outlook that completely ruins and destroys everything great about Sunrise. So act fast!


I may have used an egg timer in the past, but the days of yore are long gone. Or maybe only a few years gone, egg timers ARE fun. They ding! But now I use FOCUS to do the Pomodoro method. If you want to know more about speed dating your tasks with Pomodoro, you can check out the episode where I explain speed-dating your tasks.

For my hypothetical daily mindfulness meditation I use i-Qi clock and timer. For timing workouts and recovery between sets at the gym, I use an inexpensive wrist watch. If you try to use a smartphone at the gym, you risk getting too distracted and ruining the timing you need to get the best results. You also miss out on meeting people who might be clients, vendors, or business partners, all of which I’ve met at the gym. 


Some miscellaneous apps I really enjoy using include Pocket Earth for offline maps. KickMap covers the New York City subway, and ExitStrategy so I know which subway cars and which doors to use so I can make my transfers quickly.

Carpenter is great for useful tools like a level and ruler. If you need random numbers—and don’t we all, Little Sally, don’t we all—Random.Org will generate real random numbers based on lightning strikes half a world away. And really, probably most importantly, I use UNIVERSES. If you want to attend two events at the same time, you enter them into Universes. Over the internet, it shoots a photon at a silvered mirror in a lab in Switzerland. Based on the photon’s behavior, it tells you which task to do. If you believe the many-worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics, that photon split the universe and now there’s another universe in which you’re doing the other task. In case I need to do two things at once, this is super handy. 

Whew. There are a ton of apps out there, but these are the few I’ve really stuck with. If you want more information on them, search away (using Duck-Duck Go, the search engine that doesn’t profile you, track everything you do, and give the results to the NSA)! 

So maybe now I use Apple Maps along with real ones. But always remember, in the event of a power failure, you need to know your way around without an app. Because the best app of all is your brain. And when it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse, please remember: Your Brain, Use it, or Lose It. 

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