9 Ways URL Shorteners Make You Memorable

URL shorteners can make long URLs easy to deal with. But they can be used for so much more: bookmarks, audible ads, and links that change their destination.

Stever Robbins
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7. Use tiny URLs to be memorable

When you’re listening to a Get-It-Done Guy episode, you’re probably on a treadmill, stairmaster, or in your car. Where you aren’t is sitting in front of a web browser ready to type in links. So any links you want to follow, you have to remember when you get to your web browser. 

That’s why http://GetItDoneGuy.com is actually a URL shortener! Instead of hoping you remember a long URL, I can create an easy-to-remember short URL that you can remember until you get to your web browser.

Visit http://GetItDoneGuy.com/shorten to find this episode’s transcript, which has all the URLs I’ve mentioned live in the text. That’s http://GetItDoneGuy.com/shorten.

8. Use tiny URLs when you’ll change the destination

Bernice is loving this idea! Not only is she using her URL shortener for her affiliate links, but she now has her credit card processor dashboard on a short URL. No matter where she is, an easy-to-remember tiny URL is all it takes for her to get directly to the places on the web she uses most.

But there’s just one thing… She likes having a video conference room to meet with potential vendors, members of her Grateful Goddess club, and even the occasional voice instructor. (She slipped off a ladder, let out a little shriek, and broke a wine glass. Now she’s sure she’s an undiscovered operatic soprano. I’m more conservative in evaluating my strengths. I once had gas after eating too many burritos. It did not convince me that I’m the world’s next biofuel. Though it did give me insight into what life must be like for an accordian.)

She isn’t sure whether she wants to use Zoom or Google Hangouts for her meetings. Hangouts are free, but Google won’t say whether or not they’re encrypted (which means they aren’t). Zoom is secure, but it costs money. 

No matter where she is, an easy-to-remember tiny URL is all it takes for her to get directly to the places on the web she uses most.

Shortened URLs come to the rescue! She sets up the short URL http://greengrowingthings.com/video with a URL shortening service that lets her change where a short URL goes. She starts by having the short link go to Hangouts. Later she can change it to a Zoom link if she decides that she’s nervous about her video being provided by a company that helps totalitarian regimes brainwash their citizens. (Search the web for “Google Dragonfly” if you don’t know know about Google’s little China shenanigans.) Either way, the link remains the same: greengrowingthings.com/video. 

9. Use shortened URLs to be pronounceable

Short URLs solve another problem. As you no doubt remember from my episode on how to create a good spoken podcast ad, any link you give over the air needs to be easy to spell. You’re already using shortened URLs to your links memorable. Make sure you also use them to make the spelling obvious. 

Bernice can predict that some people will misspell BloomsWithoutBlood. Knowing her cutting edge, Hipster-acceptable sense of style, they will of course expect her to spell Blooms bloomz. So she uses her URL shortener to make sure that the misspelled version, http://GreenGrowingThings.com/bloomzwithoutblood, still goes to her book. 

Links are the lifeblood of the web. And they’re getting longer and longer, as sites use complicated naming schemes to accommodate more and more information. A URL shortener like Tiny.cc or a Wordpress URL redirection plugin gives you everything you need: you can hide long affiliate links behind a much shorter link. You can choose meaningful, easy-to-remember links. You can use these to bookmark long URLs you often visit. You can use these to create easy-to-spell links for radio ads and common misspellings. You can even change where short links take you, so the link remains the same, but can send visitors somewhere new, as circumstances change. 

Bernice is using the power of shortened links to promote Blooms Without Blood far and wide. And if the occasional Audrey II owner has a pet that goes missing, it’s just a case study for why the book is a “must” for every aspiring gardener.

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