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Handy tips for using your online calendar efficiently 

Stever Robbins
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I'm a big user of online calendars, but sometimes getting a reminder about the scheduled event isn't enough. My calendar says "Call Anna," but then I have to dig up her number, which takes 20 minutes and makes me late for the call.  And as for that "Meeting with Ankush" at 3 p.m., I don't really remember what we're meeting about.

Next time you schedule a calendar event, put all the support information in the event itself. If the event is a phone call, say who's calling whom, and include the phone number. "Anna, I call, 602-555-5555." Even include the number if you're the callee, in case you have to call them to reschedule.

If you're adding a meeting to your calendar, put a brief agenda in the event itself. I also like to include a statement of the goal of the meeting in case it isn't clear from the agenda. "Goal: Choose our summer volunteer activity. Agenda: Review past projects..."

Since you'll have to look up the details when an event arrives anyway, just do it when you schedule an event in the first place. That way, when you're running 5 minutes late, you'll be able to spend your time getting to your appointment rather than hunting for phone numbers or agendas.


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