How to be a Tech Savvy Student

Tech Talker offers some of his best tips for getting ready for college, so that you can hit the ground running.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #137

Back Up Everything

I could do one episode a month on backing up your files and it still wouldn’t be enough! I think that backing up your files is even more important if you’re a student, because you’re not just losing memories, or some old documents--you could potentially be losing months’ worth of work, or even risk failing full classes, if your computer crashes at the wrong moment.

Luckily, backing up your computer has never been easier. Get a service like CrashPlan, which does does full, automatic backups of your computer for just $50 a year. It automatically runs in the background, constantly making sure that your computer is always backed up. If something were then to happen, you would just download the CrashPlan program, click "restore," and you’ll be as good as new!

For an extra layer of protection, you can also back up to an external hard drive, or store your files in DropBox or Google Drive. Just take a few hours, get your files set to automatically back up, and then you’ll be ready for when your hard drive dies at midnight--right before your big paper is due!

If you want to know more about back up, I’ve covered it extensively. Just check the show notes for a link to a related episode.

Student Insurance

The average college student has over $1,000 dollars’ worth of electronics on them, if count your phone and laptop, plus any tablets, desktops, or other hardware.

In college, I had NSSI insurance, which covered up to $2,000 of my property, including my bike, laptop, cell phone--you name it. It was $77 a year, and had a $25 deductible. It covered accidental damage and theft. This was pretty awesome, because it meant that everything I owned was covered--whether my phone accidentally went through the wash, or if my bike was stolen!

I highly recommend checking out NSSI.com and getting a quote. I always felt that the $77 dollars was worth the peace of mind.

Student Discounts

So, one of the best things about being a student is the fact that you get a ton of discounts on pretty much anything, thanks to just your .edu email address and student ID.

Frequently, you can get hundreds of dollars off software, including Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Microsoft operating systems, and Microsoft software. You can even get Amazon Student, which is, for all intents and purposes, exactly the same as Amazon Prime.

More often than not, pretty much anywhere you go or shop will have some sort of student discount or rewards program you can benefit from Just keep that student ID handy (even after you graduate!)

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Until next time, I’m the Tech Talker, keeping technology simple!

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