YouTube Versus Vimeo

Should you upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo?

Eric Escobar
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Episode #193

Which Should You Use?

What I really like about both of these websites is that they both have individual spaces and markets that they serve. Overall if you’re looking to make money off of pure views of a video, you’re probably better off putting your videos on YouTube. It has way more viewers, and you’ll be able to monetize the ads that are put on the site by Google.

For example, uploading a funny video, a quick how-to, or even just something random is easily done with YouTube, and there’s no limit to the amount you can upload.

Vimeo is much better if you’re an artist, filmmaker, or if you have much more polished videos that you are not trying to generate money from. It may sound strange to say that professional creative types should not seek revenue from their art or content, but if you’re a business, or an individual trying to market yourself, you really don’t want ads popping up during key parts of your video. If you’re trying to sell training materials or instructional videos, Vimeo allows you much more control over your content.

The way to make money on Vimeo is if you are selling your videos as a product. For example a tutorial, study aid, or how-to. You can make money by selling access to your video rather than advertising.

If you’re looking for a video to go viral, you’re going to want to post it on YouTube for the sheer fact that YouTube receives almost ten times the amount of traffic that Vimeo does. Plus if you post the video on YouTube you can make money off of the ads!

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