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  • "We share our time-tested household tips and lifehacks to help you live better, solve everyday problems, and save money! Gain the practical wisdom you need to make the most of every day and every dollar!"
    Bruce and Jeanne Lubin

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About Bruce and Jeanne Lubin

Bruce Lubin and Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin are the proud parents of three boys and more than a dozen books. After saving thousands per year using everyday tips and simple lifehacks, they started their own business in the hopes of sharing their knowledge with others. In addition to writing books, they co-author the Who Knew? content on Quick and Dirty Tips and host its podcast by the same name. They currently reside in northern New Jersey, where they have been known to go into their friends' refrigerators to turn their eggs upside down so that they last longer.

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You can email them at contact@quickanddirtytips.com.

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