Proper Black Tie Attire

Richie Frieman,
October 7, 2011

Is it too short? Too long? Too sexy?

When it comes to a black tie affair, I recommend keeping it classic and comfortable. If your night will last over 5 hours, don't sacrifice your own comfort for those perfect shoes, that slick coat, or the way-too-tight dress.  Make sure you can dance and, of course, if you hit the dessert bar too many times, that your pants will stay up too.

Can you wear a short dress? YES! Short is perfectly fine. It's 2011, not 1955. However, go more classic than Kardashian, if you know what I mean.

Should you wear heels? Of course! Rock em' out. However, don't sport the super high heels and again, think comfort. They make tons that are acceptable and won't cause internal bleeding if you slip and fall.

Can you wear bright colors? Of course! But don't do the powder blue, Dumb & Dumber tuxedo. Or for the ladies, keep away from the 90's neon. Use bright colors that accent the season as well.

Weddings are a time of celebration and a chance to kick your heels up for a great night out. Don't wear something out of Lady Gaga's closet (or something that will overshadow the bride). After all, it's her day -- you're just coming along for the party. Cheers!

Have you seen some awful black tie outfits? Tell us in Comments!

Green Dress image courtesy of Shutterstock