Author: Tara Devon O'Leary

Tara is a former sommelier, author of the popular blog, and co-host of the online wine show “The Punch Down.” Tara holds a diploma certification from the world-renowned Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) where she is also a Certified Educator. She is accredited by the Society of Wine Educators as a Certified Specialist of Wine, is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers, and has served as judge at major annual international wine competitions.

Invariably whenever I’m at a friend’s home, there comes a time in the evening when my hosts pull out a bottle of recently purchased wine and say to me, “Is this any good?” To which I always respond: “Open it and let’s find out!” Unfortunately it’s not possible to know by looking at the bottle and reading the notes on the back label if the wine is going to be good. Only a corkscrew, a glass, and your taste buds can do that. But isn’t it enough to say a wine is good if I like it? Well, not really.…

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