Free Conference Call Services on the Web

Free conference call websites make it easy to set up conference calls with two or more people.

Aliza Sherman
August 21, 2008
Episode #017

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Hi there, The Digital Marketer here, ready to help you put the power of the Internet and technology to work for your business.

Are you struggling to set up a conference call for yourself and several other callers but can't afford pricey conference call systems? I've got a few great Web-based solutions for you to consider.

I haven't always needed to organize conference calls -- I'm more often one of the participants on a call -- and the calls are usually coordinated by big corporations through fancy conference call systems. So what about the rest of us? Now that I am needing to set up conference calls myself, I've been searching for affordable solutions. How can small business owners set up professional conference calls without incurring a major expense?

Using Your Computer for Conference Calls

My favorite conference call solution is Skype at s-k-y-p-e dot com. If you haven't gotten your free Skype account yet, what are you waiting for? Skype offers Voice over Internet Protocol technology to place calls, or VoiP, which is just a techie way of saying that you can your place calls over your Internet connection. So free, of course, is relative to whatever you're paying to be online. However, there are no additional fees for your basic Skype account when you call anyone in the world whose also using Skype.

The downside of Skype is that not everyone has it and not everyone is comfortable downloading new software onto their computer. With Skype, fees are incurred once you start calling people on their phones. Still, the Skype software makes it easy to conference everyone into a single call.