Poem: Write Right

April is National Poetry Month. Grammar Girl is kicking it off with poems about grammar, writing, and language. 

Helen Brown, Writing for
1-minute read


If you use a word,
use it well.

If it tries to escape,
hold it tight
and make it tell.
Don’t be afraid
to spread the quotes;
words always get my votes.
But be aware
and learn to spell,
lest the word you use
should sue and tell.

Which Witch?
Spell spell?
Kiss and forever tell.
But please write right
and use words well.
Words have ears
they know their place.
It’s their there,
they belong to each other;
it’s not a race.

What of commas, colons and stops?
Props, dear reader, just pesky props.
They hold the words from
breaking free
to run riot in bad company.
Hear here for their there!
Where they wear their wares
is such a possessive affair.
But woe betide the writer
should you dare to miss a glyph.
Those words will get you
in a jiff. 


Poetry image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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