Readers Share Their Funny Errors

Does your worst typo top these?

Mignon Fogarty
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Episode #205


A medical transcriptionist reported that their voice recognition software does amusing things all the time such as changing “For erectile dysfunction, Cialis” to “For erectile dysfunction, see Alice.”

It's too bad Colleen's name isn't Alice, because she sent out a formal report that should have said “This report contains a compilation of information” but instead said “This report contains a copulation of information.”

Candi says her dad once sent her mom a text message that said “I love you, my previous wife" instead of “I love you, my precious wife.” That could cause problems!

Last week Rebecca received a proposal suggesting that her building could spruce up its interior by using faux pas painting.

Beth told someone he had written an excrement report instead of an excellent report, and one of Jenny's classmates wrote about new student urination instead of new student orientation.

Stephanie had a supervisor who meant to write that a meeting was happening in the warehouse, but instead directed people to the whorehouse, and Richard produced a farewell gift for a beloved nurse that was meant to say “to our Jane after 10 years” but ended up reading “to out Jane after 10 years.”

Thanks to everyone who posted stories. You really made my day.


A few years ago I did a show on proofreading; maybe it could have helped some of these people, but maybe not. Errors do slip by every once in a while no matter how hard we try to catch them. My favorite tip is to read your work out loud. No matter how much I proofread my scripts, I almost always catch at least one error when I read them for the show. Here's the link if you want to check out the proofreading episode.

I'm Mignon Fogarty, the author of The Grammar Devotional.

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