Show Me Your Errors: Songs and Movies

What would you add to Two Weeks Notice, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Grown Ups?

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Show Me Your Errors: Songs and Movies

We all enjoy a good song or film, but sometimes, grammar mistakes in song lyrics, song titles, or movie titles can get under your skin and spoil the fun.

Songs like Jessica Simpson’s “You and I,” or Justin Timberlake’s lyric “When you cheated girl, my heart bleeded girl,” sound fine until it hits you that the line or song title is grammatically incorrect. Oh no!  

Movies are guilty too. Films like Two Weeks Notice, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Grown Ups all have grammatical errors, and for different offenses: no apostrophe, no commas between adjectives, and a missing hyphen.

However, it’s also fine to cut songs and movies some slack--it’s called poetic license. For example, the film title You Got Served isn’t grammatically correct, but the title fits the movie. They titled it that way for effect. It wouldn’t pack as much of a punch if it were You Have Been Served

Now it's your turn! In the comments below, share the song titles, lyrics, and movie titles that drive you crazy because of their grammatical errors. 

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