6 Tricks to Make You a Better Lawn Mower

Some consider mowing the lawn a chore, we consider it a sport. Here’s how to make sure your mowing game is on point.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Lawn mower with cooking spray

Keep Wet Grass from Sticking

Before mowing your lawn, spray the blades of your mower with nonstick cooking spray, which will keep tiny bits of grass from sticking to them. This is an especially great tip if the rain stopped just in time for your outdoor party, but not in enough time for the grass to dry before you want to mow it. With a little nonstick cooking spray, the wet grass won’t stick!

DIY Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn by poking holes in it helps your grass’s roots access water and vital nutrients. Instead of paying a landscaping company to do it, do it yourself the easy way by wearing spiked golf shoes or soccer cleats to aerate while you mow your lawn.

How to Fix a Brown Lawn

If your grass turns brown after mowing, either you’ve cut it too short, or the lawn mower blades are dull. Dull blades tear up the grass instead of clipping it cleanly. It may be time for a new mower. If your dog is turning the grass brown where he pees, trying adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to his water bowl. It will help neutralize the chemical that causes the grass to die.

What to Do with Grass Clippings

Don’t worry about collecting clippings when you mow your lawn. It’s a waste of landfill space, and you’ll deprive your lawn of nutrients it can use through natural composting. Instead, take off the bag to your mower and leave the clippings in the grass. You’ll be surprised how quickly they work their way between the blades and disappear.

How Tall Should Your Grass Be?

The perfect height for grass? Three inches. The higher the grass, the less direct sunlight is available for pesky weeds to grow. Meanwhile, clippings quickly disappear

Extension Cord Trick

Do you have a long extension cord you use with your electric mower, weed-whacker, or power washer? Keep it from getting tangled and running all over your garden’s plants with a big bucket. Drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket and run the end of the cord through it. Then coil the rest of the cord inside. The cord will easily pull out and then coil back up when you’re finished.

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