4 Secrets to Make Potpourri Last Longer

Are you hoping to refresh your potpourri? Re-scent and keep your potpourri smelling fresh with these four tips. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Super-Power Your Potpourri

If there’s a bad odor in your bathroom, your potpourri has to work overtime.

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Hide a charcoal briquette in your potpourri bowl and it will absorb foul odors. Not only that, it will absorb moisture, which will help stop mold and mildew build-up in the bathroom (just make sure to use briquettes that haven’t been soaked in lighter fluid). Then, you can enjoy the beautiful scent of your potpourri even more.

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Use Vodka to Keep Potpourri’s Scent Longer

As we told you in our podcast on getting rid of household smells, you can use vodka to keep potpourri’s scent fresh. Check out our tip under the “Bathroom” heading on how to spritz vodka on your potpourri, and also how to make DIY Poo-pourri!!

Revitalize Dusty Potpourri

Part of keeping your potpourri’s scent going strong is keeping it clean. Here’s an easy trick to clean your potpourri: Pour it into a resealable plastic bag, close the top, and use a fork to poke some small holes into the bag. Shake the bag over a garbage can to catch all the dirt and dust that will fall through the holes. Now your potpourri will be as good as new!

Add Scent Back to Potpourri

Are you disappointed when your potpourri stops smelling good after a couple of weeks? Spray it with some perfume, and keep its scent going. You can also spray some Styrofoam packing peanuts with perfume and place them in the bottom of your potpourri bowl.

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