How to Naturally Get Rid of Fleas, Ear Mites, and Ticks

Does your dog or cat have fleas, ear mites, or ticks? Use these all-natural home remedies to get fleas off your pet, treat ear mites, and easily get rid of ticks.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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How to Tell if Your Pet Has Fleas

Your pet has been scratching himself, but you’re not entirely sure if she’s got fleas. Give her the white sock test. Slip a white sock over your hand and run it over her coat, as well as her bedding and on any carpet that she frequently lays on. If you find any little black specks on the sock, they’re likely flea droppings.

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All-Natural Flea Bath Treatment

If your pet definitely has fleas, you can get rid of them with a simple saltwater bath. Fill the sink or tub with water, then add a generous amount of salt. Stir until it dissolves, then bathe your pet in the saltwater. The fleas and their eggs will die.

Get Rid of Fleas While Your Pet Sleeps

If your pet hates baths, try this “bright” idea. Next to where your dog or cat sleeps, place some Christmas lights, or a lamp without a lampshade, and underneath it a bowl of soapy water. (Be sure to set it far enough away from your pet so that he or she can’t knock either over.) The fleas will be attracted to the heat from the light and jump toward it, most often landing directly in the bowl of soapy water. Repeat this treatment every night for a week, or until the fleas are gone.

Get Fleas Out of Your House

Now that you’ve gotten the fleas off your pet, get them off your upholstery and carpets by vacuuming with a high-powered vacuum cleaner (ideally with a canister). Remove the canister or bag and dispose of it outside as soon as you finish. Then, keep fleas from coming back with eucalyptus or lavender essential oil. In a spray bottle, combine a few drops of the essential oil with 1 cup water. Use it to spray your pet’s bed and other areas of your home. The fleas find the smells of eucalyptus and lavender repellent, so they’ll steer clear. Don’t use this spray undiluted or directly on your pet, and make sure to check with your vet first.

How to Get Rid of Ticks

You and your dog just enjoyed a fun romp through the forest, but you brought back a souvenir: ticks. To more easily remove them from your dog (or yourself!), first wet a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol. Dab it on the tick, and he’ll loosen his grip. You should then be able to pull the tick straight off.

How to Get Rid of Ear Mites

Is your dog or cat constantly scratching his ears? He may have ear mites. After confirming with your vet, try this household remedy: dissolve 1 teaspoon baking soda in 1 cup warm water and rub a cotton ball soaked in that mixture on your pet’s ears. Repeat this treatment every day until your pet stops scratching.

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