5 Ways to Maintain Friendships During Motherhood

Motherhood is amazing, but it can also be isolating as well. Mighty Mommy has 5 tips to stay connected with your friends, which will benefit your life and improve your parenting.

Cheryl Butler
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5 Ways to Maintain Friendships During Motherhood

Remember life before kids? That easy, uncomplicated time when one of your favorite ways to kick back and spend your free time was with your best friends?

I remember staying up all night in my crowded dorm room cramming for finals, and later on, impromptu get-togethers with plenty of food, wine, and no worries about waking up early the next day. Whatever it might be, there’s no one like your pals to share life’s simple and serious moments with.

With today’s hectic lifestyles, it seems that our friendships are often placed on the backburner. But what many of us fail to acknowledge is that a friendship can help you handle the best and worst of life, causing a reduction in the amount of stress and isolation you feel on a daily basis.

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Mighty Mommy has 5 tips to help you stay connected with your friends, even if you don’t have a lot of extra time:

Tip #1: Assess Your Friendships

As we have kids, our friendships get tested, take new routes, and can be difficult to maintain. If you find that you’ve drifted away from a large portion of your friends, this is actually a wonderful time to assess your past and present friendships and make decisions about whom you would still like to stay connected with. List all your friends and acquaintances and ask yourself honestly who you still have things in common with and truly enjoy. Your personal time has likely shrunk substantially since you had kids, so choose how you spend that time wisely. If there are people on that list who are draining and needy, think about how much time you’re able to devote to those friendships. Evaluate your relationships and decide who you'll go the extra mile to maintain ties with now that life is more hectic. Once you have that figured out, it’s time to jumpstart those connections.


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