9 Novel Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Mighty Mommy shares nine fresh and insightful ways that your family can show dad lots of love and respect this year on Father’s Day.

Cheryl Butler
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The days of giving dad a paper weight, a fishing pole or a hideous tie are over. While such a gesture shows your thoughtfulness and will likely be much appreciated by dad, the most precious gift you can give is not always something that can be wrapped up in a pretty box with colorful ribbons, but rather something that shows you're gifting your time and energy.

Dads and other important father figures in our lives deserve to enjoy their special day not opening yet another coffee mug but instead being showered with thoughtful acknowledgements that he can treasure for not only Father’s Day but for the rest of the year as well.

Mighty Mommy shares nine fresh and insightful ways that your family can show dad lots of love and respect this year on Father’s Day.

Nine Fresh Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

  1. Write a Letter of Love and Thanks
  2. Take a Mystery Ride
  3. Play Restaurant
  4. Donate Time or Treasure
  5. Take In Nature
  6. Allow for Alone Time
  7. Meditation Tapes
  8. Create a Story
  9. Dad’s Comfort Toolbox

Here they are in closer detail.

1. Write a Letter of Love and Thanks

I have always been crazy for written notes. Whether it be a funny greeting card that I jot a few thoughts down on and send off to a friend, or the lengthy letters I used to exchange with my pen pal, I absolutely adore and cherish anything someone has taken their heartfelt time to write out and send to me, letting me know they care.

When I first became a mom, I started a tradition for my new baby, and then the following seven kids each year on Mother’s Day. I write a letter to each of my children where I recall a few special highlights I had the pleasure of experiencing by being his/her mother. After my kids read their letters I collect them and save each one in a special keepsake box. When the time is right (for instance, when my oldest daughter got married last summer) I will give them their box of letters.

This year, instead of perusing the card aisle for dad’s card, why not do something similar and write him a letter of love and thanks where you focus on a couple of special memories you shared together this past year? Maybe you, too, can turn this into a tradition where you save these sentiments and the two of you can read them together in the years to come.

2. Take a Mystery Ride

With the busy lives we all lead today, life happens rather quickly and in many cases, we plan nearly everything we do because we have to fit so much into our overscheduled calendars. This year think outside the box and plan a little adventure for dad that will be a fun surprise.

When my kids were really young, we loved surprising them by taking them on mystery rides. Some of these trips were daylong excursions to a zoo they’d never been to or an amusement park in a neighboring state. Other times it was just to try a new ice cream place in town. Gather up your kids and brainstorm a fun place you can take dad for a little road trip that will keep him guessing right up to the end. You’ll have a blast planning it, and he’ll be thrilled to have a total mystery location to look forward to at the very end of the ride.

3. Play Restaurant

If going out to dinner on Father’s Day isn’t in the cards, bring the restaurant experience right into your own home. Create a menu on the computer for dad to order from. I actually used to do this for my kids when they were younger, especially to cure their boredom on a rainy day. Choose three of dad’s favorite meals, shop ahead of time so you have the ingredients on hand, and then let him order his food choices. Don’t forget his favorite beverages and dessert! When it comes time to pay the bill, present him with a fun card or something else he can open that everyone in the family signs stating how much he is loved and appreciated.


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